1. Brooklyn. New York. 2014

  2. Montréal. 2014

  3. Montréal. 2104.

  4. Classique

    (Source: laurarokas)

  5. Montréal. 2014.

  6. Salon de l’emploi. Montréal. 2014

  7. My 1986 Eddy Merckx that was stolen, sniff sniff. 

  8. Montréal. 2014.

  9. Montréal. 2014

  10. Ottawa. Ontario. 2014

  11. Lake George. New York. 2014

            More New York stuff coming up soon. 

  12. Montréal. 2014. 

  13. Honored to get the 1 st page (not the cover) in this zine from Maryland native Josh Sinn. 


    Cadillac Ranch Dressing: Issue Two - OUT NOW!!! on Flickr.

    I’m very excited to announced that Issue Two of Cadillac Ranch Dressing, the film photography zine I started back in December, is now available for purchase!

    Featured photographers in Issue Two include: Terry Branick, David Brewster, Alex Broadwell, Tim Castlen, Jacob Cecil, Jonathan Chhun, Alex Dietrich, Rob Hauer, Ben Hinceman, Patrick Joust, Eran Kaufman, Kay Knofe, William Lalonde, Richard PJ Lambert, Yi-An Lin, Megan Lloyd, Efren Lozano, Sean Morales, Fabrizio Musu, Lesley Rivera, Tim Ronca, Josh Sinn, and Adrian Wozniak.

    I’m also proud to announce that also included in Issue Two is our first printed interview with the extremely talented Gary Gumanow, who’s photo graces the cover!

    Head on over to Magcloud to pick up your copy of Issue Two: www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/776521?__r=485248

    To find out more about Cadillac Ranch Dressing, please visit: www.cadillacranchdressing.com/

  14. Montréal. Grand Prix. 2014

  15. arianedepalacio:

    Lake George, NY, 2014